Generate lead magnets using eBooks in 5 steps

Monday, May 23, 2022

Generate lead magnets using eBooks in 5 steps

There are lots of ways using eBooks to make your business boom. It may be one of your best options to use attractive eBooks as lead magnets in your marketing strategy. Every company needs more leads these days but only the right amount and the right type of leads means success. To create quality leads from eBooks you need appealing and relevant content but in a format that is optimised for online use.


  1. Create content, save it as a pdf-file, – but do not deliver or publish it in a pdf-format.
  2. Convert the pdf into a eBook/ePaper html5-format for convenient online reading from a URL-link.
  3. Offer the content for free (in exchange for the customer’s email address) and deliver the URL-link and content as a readable version.
  4. Use carefully designed landing pages to get your prospects to press the CTA button (call to action).
  5. Use the customer’s email address to continue building a relationship with the customer.

Digital marketers ask for a simple email address in exchange for their eBook. This works out well for everyone – the reader gets quality content for free and the author gets a new email address for future marketing campaigns.

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eBook with relevant content and design

Show off with your business knowledge!
The idea why you should generate content in a eBook format is that an eBook or ePaper allows you to show off to customers. It’s a chance to demonstrate that you understand the business of your industry and are more than capable of advising customers correctly and providing value for them. Customers are seeking for information so they can make better decisions and this is where your eBooks come in.

No one believes the person who claims he knows their industry, but the person who can prove it by showing his expertise is the person who builds that reputation. It’s an opportunity to position yourself as an industry leader and build trust in your brand.

Digital Marketers use eBooks with relevant content
A successful eBook will have excellent content – relevant, engaging, original. The better the content, the more attention your business will gain. Ask yourself what content would be useful for your customers. Be a partner who truly understands the customers needs and who will see to their success.

Digital marketers understand the need to cultivate relationships before selling. Building trust, authority and thought leadership is where it all starts. B2B buyers want to feel like they’ve got a partner in the other end of the transaction.

Recycle Existing Content
Digital marketing is about engaging the right audience, at the right time, with the right content. But… you may also struggle with creating engaging new eBooks. On the other hand you probably have lots of material in pdf-format already. Get more value from existing content by recycling these documents into a more useful format, convert them into dynamic html5 eBooks.


Minimise the possibility of letting your content land in the trash
An eBook will help you develop a relationship with customers. But keep in mind, that if the reader downloads a pdf-file, which mostly is cumbersome to read, he might never open the file or read it. He may save it, thinks to download for later and forgets it. Then your great content never reaches the reader, and the value of your message and your expertise may be lost!

Obstacles for the reader with the pdf-format
The reasons why a pdf does not suit this kind of marketing is that a pdf-file is inconvenient to read online and it may also clog your computer if the file is big. Don’t let your visitors wait for a large PDF to download. By offering a html5 version instead your eBook gets lighter and your readers can read your content anywhere.

Always use an online optimised readable eBook format
eBooks can get pretty undertaking if created from scratch. If you want to save time and resources and have one less thing on your todo-list, simply convert your content to an interactive ePaper flip book by a using a online service. Add the created URL-link or the embedded code to your webpage, landing page or blog. The prospect gets the URL-link from the page or by email.

Save time and resources by reusing the content and design
The eBooks design and turn page functionality from a printed version will look great and gives your readers access to your content from any device. One additional advantage is that you do not need to redesign the already designed pdf to create a html5 eBook replica, you just recycle the content and design! No technical or design skills are required and no need for a creating team.

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Sharing knowledge

This is not the time to sell, but to share!
Asking people to make purchases on their first visit to your website before they are ready for it would probably be a trust-killer in the new digital selling scope. This isn’t the time to sell them something, the objective is to share knowledge. To make sales you have to give away something. Give the customer information for free which they can use for their own benefit!

Make the content and your eBook searchable
Your aim as a marketer is to put your content where your audience is most likely to find it. Since people will be searching for the problem they are trying to solve it makes sense to make your eBook available on your public website.

The content within the HTML5 format can be indexed by search engines, This is another important consideration to make – if you want your content to find its way into people outside of your core network then you’ll need to optimise for search.


Creating landing pages

Dedicated landing pages generate more conversion
If you want to offer your eBook as an incentive for people to join your mailing list then a landing page is the right choice. But before you can make your eBook into an effective lead generation tool, you need to get your prospects to press the CTA-button from a landing page.

When a landing page is framed attractively, it can help your company educate potential customers and fill your pipeline with qualified leads. If your landing page however fails to convince prospects that they need your ebook, then you can’t deliver value and you won’t collect leads. And all the time you spent putting the eBook together will have been in vain.


Lead your readers to crave for more information
Letting customers ask for your content and by getting their e-mail address in exchange you have generated a lead that will get easy access to your content. This way you also create trust from your leads and get far better qualified leads. A quality lead is after all where the whole sales process begins.

Check your sales approach on your website
Consider not pushing your products and solutions early in the sales process. The disadvantage with too early “forced or pushed sales approach” is that no customer wants you to sell a solution you believe can solve a problem they might or might not have.

Use modern CRM:s and/or email automation to nurture leads
Not every lead directly converts into a free trial account. Instead of losing these leads, look for new ways – better targeted content in eBooks and email automation – to identify those leads and nurture them into qualified leads.

When the time comes, you’ll know when and how to sell, because you’ve actively listened to and nurtured your prospects. So do not give away content without asking for their email address beforehand if you seek to generate leads.


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For marketers a MagNet e-Publishing eBook is an opportunity to give detailed insight on an area of expertise, enhance their reputation and most importantly to generate new leads.

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