3 criteria how to get started with online publishing

Monday, June 12, 2023

3 criteria how to get started with online publishing

In this article, we deal with 3 criteria that you should be aware of when choosing a online publishing supplier and how to get started. 

1. Cloud service or program application?

A cloud service is usually more efficient than a software application. Most converters usually require download, installation, updates, and time to research and learn how to use the program. It takes time and you need to have some IT skills.

A cloud-based solution is instantly ready to use and has an intuitive web interface that only contains the important things you really need to make an effective browsable publication. You have the latest tested versions in use and technical support is available if you encounter problems. You can work anywhere and anytime because the cloud service is not tied to a single computer.

2. Think ahead, choose a supplier with a wide range of services

Check the suppliers’ service palette. It may be enough to get the first online publication out quickly, but what happens when you suddenly need more? Say, for example, that you want to start embedding your marketing videos in your publications, or perhaps integrate your webshop for direct sales? Think ahead and check that your supplier can offer more than you currently need so there is room for growth and further development. 

3. Maintain control over your content

There are a lot of free solutions for browsable online publications. Even serious companies can be tempted by the non-existent price tag, but we urge you to consider what you are giving up by going this route. Most, if not all free solutions, come with some drawbacks. They include ads and third-party content in your publication. They recommend other publications to readers while your readers browse your publication. They limit how much, what or for how long you can publish. Already creating the material requires time and money. Why then would you let outsiders get the most out of your material?

The MagNet e-Publishing service

The MagNet e-Publishing service is suitable for both beginners and experienced publishers. MagNet e-Publishing is perfect for your company’s various publications on the web and in your newsletter. With modern HTML5 technology and lightning-fast conversion, publishing and sharing online has never been easier. Online publications are known in addition to the ePaper name as browsable PDFs, e-magazines and with the eBook and FlipBook names.

Read more about the service and try it for free: https://www.virtualmagnet.eu/